Below an overview of all news and events related to DeCOI

Short Youtube Video by the German Ministery of Health about the visit at Radboud.

Professor Schultze presents DeCOI at Radboud UMC in Nijmegen to Ministers of Health Hugo de Jonge from the Netherlands and Jens Spahn from Germany. Based on existing collaborations between Radboud UMC (LifeTime, ImmunoSep, Human Functional Genomics Projekt (HFGP) and bilateral projects between Radboud and the University of Bonn) DeCOI can now quickly extend its collaborative efforts towards European partners.
DeCOI will also collaborate with the large studies on effect of the BCG vaccines on coronavirus in the elderly initiated by Professor Mihai Netea at Radboud UMC.

Photo from @jensspahn on Twitter on hugodejonge at 5/15/20 at 7:57PM
Ministers of Health Hugo de Jonge (The Netherlands) and Jens Spahn (Germany) at their visit at Radboud UMC. (Picture from Twitter Acount of Hugo de Jonge)

DeCOI discusses the next steps in building the network in the weekly Zoom telco.

DeCOI meets the German Biobank Node. Professor Schultze presents the concept of DeCOI to the members of the German Biobank Node at their weekly online meeting. The close collaboration between DeCOI and the German Biobanks is emphasized at the meeting. Both networks agree on intensifying the collabortations.

DeCOI applied for funding for two modules by the National COVID-19 Research Network.
The network now includes more than 60 research groups at 42 institutions in Germany including 13 university hospitals

DeCOI is featured in a newspaper article (Generalanzeiger)

Newspaper article about DeCOI in the General-Anzeiger Bonn from 12.05.2020

COVID-19: DeCOI initiates a study and asks former COVID-19 patients to participate.
Link to the Press Release by the


DeCOI: Deutsche Covid-19 OMICS-Initiative in the News section of the German Biobank node. (Link)

GenomforscherInnen haben sich in der Deutschen Covid-19 OMICS-Initiative (DeCOI) zusammengeschlossen. „Um die Hochdurchsatzsequenzierung optimal zu unterstützen, haben DeCOI und GBN/GBA eine enge Zusammenarbeit vereinbart, um schnellstmöglich geeignete Bioproben ausfindig zu machen und für die Sequenzierung zur Verfügung zu stellen“, erklärt GBN-Leiter Michael Hummel.

DeCOI meets LifeTime. At the weekly Sunday meetings of the LifeTime COVID-19 Task Force meeting Professor Schultze presents the concept of DeCOI.

Press Release: The formation of the DeCOI is featured by numerous participating institutions of DeCOI.
Link to Press Releases at the following institutions

DeCOI discusses two modules to be submitted to the National COVID-19 Research Network at its weekly ZOOM telco.

DeCOI discusses major research areas to be included into the program of DeCOI.

DeCOI welcomes new members to the Initiative. Scientists from more than 12 institutions already joined the initiative. Members of the DFG-funded NGS competence centers report about their most recent efforts in ramping up sequencing capacities in the fight against COVID-19.

Members of the DFG-funded NGS competence centers meet members of the German Human Genome Phenome Archive (GHGA) consortium in a virtual meeting to discuss further aspects of joining forces in the fight against the pandemics. They officially form the Deutsche COVID-19 OMICS Initiative. The initiative is open to all scientists in Germany with expertise in OMICS research and interested in providing their expertise in the fight against the pandemics.

The NGS-CN members meet for the next virtual meeting to discuss next steps in shaping the program in the fight against the pandemics.

The members of the NGS-CN competence centers define concrete projects to address questions concerning the viral genome, the host genome and functional genomics projects.

Members of the NGS-CN competence network meet to further discuss to join their forces and to formulate defined projects via virtual telco meeting.

A first joined meeting between members of the German Human Genome-Phenome Archive (GHGA) and the DFG-funded NGS competence centers was organized to evaluate a joint program against SAR-CoV-2.

Members of the NGS-CN competence centers meet to discuss a joined program in OMICS-research in context of the pandemic crisis.