Multi-Omics Data Generation Module (DeCOI Module 1)

In this module, DeCOI proposes to provide NGS sequencing expertise and infrastructure for the generation of NGS data supporting COIVD-19 research at German University Hospitals and their partners at German Universities and other large research institutions, mainly from the Helmholtz Association. DeCOI can provide the most cutting-edge sequencing technologies and expertise to support research on well-defined patient populations and study cohorts.

In preliminary work DeCOI established an integrated strategy to deploy multi-omics NGS-based approaches for data generation, which are further combined with DeCOI Module 2 focusing on Data management and data analytics.

DeCOI includes all NGS core facilities of the DFG-funded NGS competence centers in Bonn, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Kiel, Köln, and Tübingen and additional NGS centers at other university hospitals (e.g. Aachen, Berlin). The NGS infrastructure available at these sites is providing cutting edge sequencing technologies (Short Read Sequencing [Illumina, BGI], Long Read Sequencing [ONT, PacBio], Single Cell Analysis).

The centers have committed themselves to

  • Highest quality control of the data
  • Free exchange of protocols and knowledge
  • Development of central databases (together with Medical Informatics and the German Bioinformatics Network) for data access

The DeCOI Module 1 will be coordinated in Bonn. Scientists working on COVID-19 related questions who require the generation of OMICS data can contact the coordination unit to obtain consultancy on NGS data generation, project planning, cost calculation and access to NGS-based data generation.

All NGS-based technologies and protocols will be adapted to the needs of COVID-19 related research in Germany and will be continuously developed to meet the needs of all multi-omics projects planned at the German University Hospitals.