Within DeCoi, many different kind of omics data are being produced. Here you find data that might become available soon, or that are already available.

Please contact the respective person if you are interested in a specific dataset.

Single Cell Omics

Several groups within DeCOI are currently producing single cell data. These include T-cell receptor, B  cell receptor sequencing, single cell RNA-sequencing of different tissues, but also additional methods are being applied.

The first pre-print of one of these datasets has been published.

Suppressive myeloid cells are a hallmark of severe COVID-19

If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact:

The data will also be made available on FASTGENOMICS.

These data are also part of the federated data portal of the European LifeTime initiative and the Human Cell Atlas.

Viral Genome Sequences

New sections will be added as soon as these data can be made available from DeCOI.